15 Minute Bodyweight Workout for Runners

Most of us will appreciate that one of the keys to staying injury free as runners is to keep on-top of the various strength and mobility exercises that build our bodies to be able to withstand the demands that come with running mile-after-mile in training.

SHFT RUN + Garmin HRM-TRI + Runscribe + STRYD

SHFT – detailed review of a dual app- and pod-based running coach that’s also a power meter

First Impressions My initial view of SHFT was that it looked like well-made hardware pods with a fairly comprehensive, ‘proper’ run coaching app. Proper in the sense that it gives ‘instant’, personalised, actionable, corrective, audible feedback on your running form. Some of its competitors promise the same, yet do not convincingly deliver. SHFT also looks…

KINEMATIX TUNE Insoles and APP Running Analysis

Kinematix raises €2 Million – plus TUNE now generally available in EU / USA

Portugal-based Kinematix  have just raised €2 Million from a Portugese investor. Presumably this is for further expansion of production and marketing as the product is already on sale and available through amazon. I reviewed Kinematix’s sole-based running form product a few months back <here>. —————————————— Kinematix Closes Funding Round with Portugal Ventures for €2 Million…