How to Activate Your Glutes Before Running

In the video below, I demonstrate one of my favourite gluteal activation exercises you can use right before your next run to help switch those all-important butt muscles on!

SHFT RUN + Garmin HRM-TRI + Runscribe + STRYD

SHFT – detailed review of a dual app- and pod-based running coach that’s also a power meter

First Impressions My initial view of SHFT was that it looked like well-made hardware pods with a fairly comprehensive, ‘proper’ run coaching app. Proper in the sense that it gives ‘instant’, personalised, actionable, corrective, audible feedback on your running form. Some of its competitors promise the same, yet do not convincingly deliver. SHFT also looks…

TomTom – New Spark3 / Runner3 Announced

Lots of announcements today of new stuff from TomTom. Let’s start with the SPARK 3 / RUNNER 3. The previous version in the UK was the similarly-looking RUNNER 2 which itself followed the UK’s original RUNNER product. The RUNNER 2 was released in the US as the SPARK (Sept 2015). To cut a long story…