Suunto SPARTAN – new GPS algorithm + GLONASS – provisional test results in ULTRA vs SPORT

I knew something was wrong when the autolaps were quite a bit different. With the new gps algorithm, with GLONASS enabled, and with firmware v1.6.14, I re-did my standard GPS test for the Spartan Ultra and the Spartan Sport I followed this methodology and this precise, standard route: That link also has all the source files there…

Suunto Spartan Ultra - Clever Little Magnetic Charging Thingy

Suunto SPARTAN gets GLONASS – so what?

Today’s new firmware for the SPARTAN is annoying as I now have to re-do a GPS test I did last week 🙂 although hopefully this line from the Suunto update notes “This update also brings a new GPS firmware to improve general tracking accuracy” suggests that the test might be worth re-doing and will find increased…

Mystery Watch(es)

Well folks, there will definitely be an announcement of at least one new sports watch at CES2017. and probably NOT this one.. well definitely not this one as it’s an old Polar 🙂 It says GPS on it not GP3 🙂 Oh yes. then there’s this Garmin Fenix 5 thing