TomTom Sports updates

TomTom have just announced an impending update to their mobile app. I was a bit surprised by the image on the right…sometimes locations where I run and cycle. Maybe I secretly work for TomTom? Quickly glancing at some of the official content, below, the app does seem to offer some sensible and significant UI/UX improvements (the…

Mystery Watch(es)

Well folks, there will definitely be an announcement of at least one new sports watch at CES2017. and probably NOT this one.. well definitely not this one as it’s an old Polar 🙂 It says GPS on it not GP3 🙂 Oh yes. then there’s this Garmin Fenix 5 thing

TomTom Adventurer Review Spark 3 Runner

Review: TomTom Adventurer

The TomTom Adventurer is the ‘off-road’ version of The TomTom Runner 3/SPARK 3 and is designed for: beginners-to-fairly-serious runners; trail runners; & hikers who may wander across the odd hill and not wish to get lost. Back home, sure, they will all also delve into gyms, classes and maybe partake in the most modern of pastimes – ‘activity tracking’. Like the…

TomTom Touch and TomTom Runner 3 / Spark 3

Review : TomTom Touch

You can see from the photos that this is a fitness band or activity tracker of some sort. You probably already know that there is quite a lot of choice in that area. Yet here we have another one, this time from TomTom with their first foray into this particular format of device. What is…

Garmin 735XT Optical ELEVATE

Apple Has Best Optical HR – err…… no it hasn’t

A bizarrely scientific, yet incomplete, study by the Heart and Vascular Institute, Cleveland Clinic published through the American Medical Association  purports to show that the Apple Watch has the best accuracy of wrist-based optical HR. Or at least that is how it is being headlined by various tech publications on the internet. This is the first page:…